I’m happy to say that I deployed my first “real”, public-facing app on top of a Kubernetes cluster. It’s a Nextcloud server and my host is Digital Ocean (DO). So far the experience has been very good and I’m very impressed the host and software stack.

My deployment “code” is available here:

The notes are pretty rough and the non-secrets are hard-coded for my needs, so I have a bit of work to do before most people can use it :-) However, it does a lot of cool things that you can’t find in the official Helm package:

  • It splits data among two persistent volumes, one for /var/www/html/data (where documents are stored) and one for everything else under /var/www/html.
  • It relies on the official MariaDB Docker image, not the one maintained by Bitnami. This is important if you ever want to run these scripts on an ARM-based K3S cluster (which I do soon).
  • It installs less, since it doesn’t include Redis or Cron images. Some might say that less functionality is a disadvantage but I think it’s all about perspective ;-)

Here’s my future goals:

  • Scripts that also work on a K3S cluster running on Raspberry Pi’s.
  • A Helm chart
  • Better WebDav support. Currently the DO version of the scripts works with some WebDav clients but not all.