Git Cheatsheet


  • Reverting changes to modified files
    • git reset --hard
  • Removing a remote branch
    • git push origin --delete my-branch

Creating A New Remote For A Local Repo

This process is used when:

  1. You have code on your local machine that is in a git repo.
  2. This code is not currently pushed to a remote.
  3. You want to store a remote on a different filesystem (e.g. a directory accessible over NFS or SSH).

In this example I’m pushing to a shared Windows drive.

# Navigate to the location of where you want to store your code.
cd \\some-server\share$\tom\git
git init --bare dotemacs

# Now navigate to your repo and push
cd c:\users\tom\.emacs
git remote add origin '\\some-server\share$\tom\git\dotemacs'
git push --set-upstream origin master
git push origin --mirror

Now you can backup your repo to a different server and even share your code with others who have access to that shared directory.

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View Pull Request Diff From The Command Line

cd $project
git checkout $trunk
git pull
git checkout $feature_branch
git pull
git request-pull dev ./
# If you want to see the diff contents add the -b flag

Convincing Git That a File Isn’t Binary

I have an issue occasionally where git thinks that some of my text files are binary. Specifically, this seems to happen frequently with my requirements.txt files. Here’s what I’ve done to fix this.

Please note that this process still seems a bit black-magicky to me. Some of these steps may not be necessary.

  1. In my repository, create a .gitattributes files with the following contents:
    1. *.txt text working-tree-encoding=UTF-16LE eol=CRLF
    2. I chose this text encoding because it appears to be the default on my Windows laptop running emacs.
  2. I set the encoding of my file to utf-8-dos in Emacs and saved it.
  3. Commit both files to the git repo.
  4. Make another change to the target text file (e.g. requirements.txt).

You should now be able to perform a “text” diff on your files.