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Datanauts 132: Unit Testing For Fun and Profit   unit_testing powershell automation

Episode Notes

  • Adam Bertram is a testing expert and author, especially using MS tools.
    • :book: He wrote The Pester Book
      • Good for…
        • PS1 devs
        • Operations/DevOps folks
  • Unit Testing philosophy
    • Let's assume that you have a function that creates a 50 GB LUN. You would unit test the function's ability to pass the value of 50 to the tool that creates the LUN and avoid actually creating the LUN.
  • "Testing is a pyramid"
    1. Bottom: Unit tests
    2. Middle: Integration / Functional tests
      • Integrate the code with the environment.
      • Did your function actually create a 50 GB LUN?
    3. Top: Acceptance tests
      • Holistic testing
      • Am I actually providing a service to my clients?
      • Is the service that requires that LUN working properly?
  • Writing a full test suite takes twice as much time as writing the actual code.
    • Prioritize
  • "Unit tests are like backups"
    • They take lots of work
    • You don't see the value immediately
    • You're really happy to have them eventually.
  • Testing forces you to write your code in a more modular way.
  • Example: New script
    • Make code testable by breaking it into functions.
  • Recommended technologies:
    • Git
    • TFS is nice in a Windows world
  • :exclamation: Use "scare tactics" to prove value of tests.

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