Pelican Setup Notes

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$ ain python-pip
$ sudo pip install pelican
$ sudo pip install markdown

I copied all of my octopress files over to the content directory and renamed them to have an `.md` extension.

$ for f in $(ls; do sed -i.bak 's/title\:/Title\:/' $f; done
$ for f in $(ls; do sed -i.bak 's/layout\: post//' $f; done
$ for f in $(ls; do sed -i.bak 's/date\:/Date\:/' $f; done
$ for f in $(ls; do sed -i.bak 's/comments\:/Comments\:/' $f; done
$ for f in $(ls; do sed -i.bak 's/categories\:/Tags\:/' $f; done

I then had to go in and manually change all of the headings. Not a huge deal.

Next I replaced the code blocks

Ok, now I need to learn howto link images


  • [X] Find nice theme
  • Next I need to fix links to files.
  • I need to learn how to reference gists
  • [X] Set up feedburner feed
  • [X] Add social stuff
  • [X] Fix URL's

Lessons Learned

Embedding Images

You use the typical RST format. The weird thing is that if you use the wrong path, you will just see the path of the file, not a broken image.


Here's what I want:

Here's what I'm getting:

So I had to add this to my config:

ARTICLEURL = '{date:%Y}/{date:%m}/{date:%d}/{slug}/' ARTICLESAVEAS = '{date:%Y}/{date:%m}/{date:%d}/{slug}/index.html'

I got this tip from this page:

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