Pelican Publishing Workflow

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Here's the steps that I go through when writing and publishing a new blog post using Pelican.

Article Creation And Editing

First, I create a new branch of the git repo for the new article:

git branch some-new-article
git checkout some-new-article

Please note that the branch name above is arbitrary.

I then create my new article and edit it. To view the article in a web browser I simply navigate to the Pelican root directory and execute this command:

make html && (cd ./output && python -m pelican.server)

Once I'm happy with the article I commit it into the some-new-article branch.


Next, I switch back to the master branch and merge it with my some-new-article branch:

git checkout master
git merge some-new-article

I can now publish my new article on the public internet:

make rsync_upload

Cleaning Up

Once I'm completely done with the new article, I can clean up the non-master branch like so:

git branch -d some-new-article

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