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Remote Hosts

Here's the error I kept getting when I tried to connect to my vagrant host using fabric:

$ fab print_hello
[localhost:2222] Executing task 'print_hello'
[localhost:2222] run: hostname

Fatal error: Low level socket error connecting to host localhost on port 2222: Connection refused (tried 1 time)

Underlying exception:
    Connection refused


Finding a fix for this was an incredible pain in the ass.. What I basically want to do here is connect to the ssh server running on the Vagrant VM on port

  1. The VM uses port forwarding, so you would connect to `localhost:2222` to do

this. To do this from the command line, you would need to execute this command:

$ ssh -l vagarnt -p 2222 localhost

So I therefore thought that I would use the following host value in this file:

env.hosts = ['vagrant@localhost:2222']

This does NOT work, even though it is recommended by the fabric docs. I also tried this non-working setting:

env.hosts = ['localhost:2222']
env.user = "vagrant"

Ok, I'm familiar with SSH, so I figured that I would bypass all of this port and user name BS just define my host in my ~/.ssh/config file. So I added this:

Host vagrant-vm-local
    Hostname localhost
    Port 2222
    User vagrant

…with the following in my fabfile:

env.use_ssh_config = True
env.hosts = ['sistema-staging-local']

…and of course that didn't work either. So here's what I had to do. First, I had to add a new hostname to the `` line in my `/etc/hosts` file:       localhost vagrant

The hostname is arbitrary. I chose vagrant to make it easy to do the same thing with other VM's in the future. I then added the following to my fabfile:

env.hosts = ['vagrant:2222']
env.user = "vagrant"

This finally worked.

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