DOS Cheat Sheet

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  • Get a pipe to server
    • net use \\server - /user:domain\username
  • Map drive
    • net use - \\server\share
  • Query username based on sid
    • net user r003988 /domain
  • Delete every Vim swap file recursively
    • del /AH /s -.swp
  • Control remote Windows services
    • sc \\server query|start|stop service_short_name
    • –Note–: psservice (from sysinternals) seems to do a better job of this
  • xcopy
    • Copy a directory
      • xcopy /E /I sourcedir destdir

Stupid Psexec Tricks

  • rebooting a remote computer:
    • psexec \\hostname -u fooad\someid shutdown -r -f
    • This is especially useful when you're logged into domain A but need to remotely reboot a computer in domain B (since the shutdown remote option does not support passing user credentials).

For Loop Fun

Add only new files to an svn repository

  • for /f "tokens- delims=" %f in ('svn status ^| find "?" ^| find "gtd\wiki" ^| c:\gawk\bin\gawk "{print $2}"') do svn add %f=
  • My main command has to have the following properties:
    • It has to be wrapped in parentheses and single quotes
    • You have to make the pipes and redirect signs into literals using the caret.


Here's how you can encrypt some text on the fly from a DOS prompt:

more| openssl enc -e -des3 -base64 -pass pass:somepass
foobar de roobarb and something secret

And here's how you decrypt the output:

more| openssl enc -d -des3 -base64 -pass pass:somepass

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