Stupid Unix Tricks - Bash Math Captcha

Let's say that you have a shell script that you run very frequently on pre-prod servers but very infrequently in your prod environment because it can cause outages or performance issues. Wouldn't it be nice if you had some sort of pre-execution hook that notified you that you were a "dangerous" script in prod?

Sure, you could just add a "yes/no" prompt to the script if it's being executed on a prod server, but that's so boring. Wouldn't it be even cooler if you had to answer a random math problem first? I was inspired by the Google Mail Goggles plugin to write something just like that in Bash.

function math_captcha() {

   ### First let's generate two random numbers < 10
   let "num1 %= $RANGE"
   let "num2 %= $RANGE"

   ### Next let's calculate the sum of those numbers
   real_sum=$(echo "$num1 + $num2" | bc)

   ### Now let's see if I can do simple addition
   echo "What's $num1 plus $num2?"
   read -r entered_sum

   [ "$entered_sum" -eq "$real_sum" ]


Here's what I'm doing. First, I'm using the special $RANDOM function to return a random value. Next, I'm dividing the number by $RANGE and returning the remainder using the mod-equal operator %=.

So now I have two numbers under 10. I the use bc to add them together. Yes, I know I can perform arithmetic using Bash, but I'm old-fashioned. And yes, I know this isn't posix-compliant :-)

Next I ask the user to answer the simple math problem and save the value in the $entered_sum variable. Finally, I compare that user-entered value with the result of the bc command in the last line.

That last line may be a little confusing. All it's doing is seeing if the left operand is equal to the right operand using a numeric operator -eq. This command will return 0 (which is good) if the values are equal and a non-zero value otherwise (which is bad).

So how do you invoke this function? It's very simple:

if ! math_captcha ; then
     echo "Sorry, something went wrong."
     return 1


Line one of this code snippet is actually one of my favorite patterns in Bash. It's a very elegant way of testing whether function or script's return code is non-zero (which is not what you want). The alternative way to execute the captcha function would look like this:


if [ "$ret_code" -ne 0 ]; then
    echo "Sorry, something went wrong."
    return 1


Both of these code snippets work the same way, but I think you'll agree that the first example is easier to type without errors and much more intuitive, even for beginning shell scripters.

Last Updated 2016-02-29.