Do Coinbase Payments Require An Active Browser Session?

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Recently I was experimenting with an offline bitcoin wallet and I wanted to use it to make a donation to Mozilla uses Coinbase to process their bitcoin transactions, which means that the process goes something like this:

  1. You initiate the transaction on the target site (e.g.
  2. You are redirected to the Coinbase page for that organization where you are presented with a unique payment hash and a 15-minute countdown timer.
  3. Using whatever wallet application you want (which for me is usually Electrum) you send the necessary funds to that payment hash.
  4. The Coinbase page typically updates with a confirmation message within 5 seconds of you broadcasting your transaction to the bitcoin network.
  5. The confirmation page also typically includes a link back to the originating site.
  6. Also, you may receive an email confirmation message from the originating site.

I've used this process from Coinbase about half a dozen times and it has worked very well. However, due to my offline wallet's screwy, experimental setup 1 I realized that I would need to reboot my computer between steps 2 and 3 above.

This realization caused a few questions to cross my mind:

I wish I could say that I can answer both of these questions, but today I decided to focus on the former. I looked in a bunch of places, including the Coinbase Merchant Checkout API docs (which seem to be fairly decent). However, I couldn't find any notes on whether a session was required.

So I decided to test it out myself and blog about it, which means that it's disclaimer time!

Warning Time


I am not a professional security analyst and I do not guarantee that what I did below will work the same way for you. These are simply my notes on what worked for me in a very limited test. If you want to try something similar then please ensure that you are only "playing" with very small amounts of money. The Bitcoin ecosystem can change quite a bit in a very short amount of time and a lot of aspects are still very, very complicated. So, even if you follow my notes below exactly you may get very different results!!!

Not The Warning

Phew, glad that's over :-) The good news is that my transaction was processed properly even though I rebooted my computer between steps 2 and 3 above. Naturally, since my browser was also restarted during that time steps 4 and 5 also did not happen. However, step 6 did happen when I received a confirmation email message from Mozilla.

So of course, this leads to a lot of other questions:

  • How much of this is due to how Coinbase Merchant Checkout system is designed and how much of it is due to how Mozilla is using that API? If I was to try the same test with another Coinbase customer such as would I get the same results?
  • How do other bitcoin payment processors (such as Bitpay) handle the same situation?

These are questions that I'll have to look into on another day. However, I hope that this information is helpful for at least a few other people.



Please note that you don't have to do anything this screwy to use offline wallets. I had to do this because of the weird way that I set everything up.


Of course, right after publishing this article I found this link that explains how late payments are handled.

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