The Phoenix Project - Book Review

I really love the rare occasions when I find a book that I would happily recommend after only reading a couple of chapters. The Phoenix Project is definitely one of those books, especially if you've ever found yourself working in an IT department at any time in your life.

I tried writing a short overview of the book's plot, but I'm afraid that my description will bore you to tears. There's a lot of methodolgies and processes and Kung-Fu-style mentorship and things like that. Actually, if someone had actually given me a synopsis of the plot I probably wouldn't have ever read it in the first place.

The good news (for me) is that everyone and their brother just told me to read the goddamned book 1, and I'm really glad I did. In spite of the fact that it's a fictional book about business processes and capital "Q" quality, it's actually really fascinating. I feel a little silly admitting it, but I was really pulling for all of the characters that were trying to save the business. It was like a soap opera with e-mail, crooked executives and CAB meetings.

Of course the people who recommended this book to me didn't do so because of they wanted me to read a good drama. They wanted me to be prepared for the future of my industry, and this book does that by making core Devops principles a big part of the plot. Which is good, because I like both computers and working with them for a living.

So do yourself a favor if you consider yourself a technologist in any way whatsoever. Check this book out. Even if you don't agree with the methodologies or practices, sometimes it's nice to read a good book about that thing you do with most of your time.



I heard this so many times I feel that it should be the book's slogan.

Last Updated 2015-09-14.