Fixing Linux Sleep Issues With The Lenovo X230

I had trouble finding help on this issue so I hope this will help other Linux users who use the Lenovo X230.

I'm running Debian 7.x and almost everything works really well with my X230. I say almost everything because occasionally the computer won't go to sleep when I try to suspend it, regardless of how I try to do it. The weird thing about this behavior is that it doesn't always happen, and it starts happening at random times, and once it starts, it doesn't stop until you reboot.

Here's one of the errors that I see in the console when this failure occurs:

PM: Device 0000:00:19.0 failed to suspend async: error -2

Thankfully, I found the following workaround for the issue:

Basically, the eth0 driver doesn't work really well with the kernel that I'm using. However, I don't use the eth0 port very often, so it's safe for me to keep it off most of the time.

The listed solution looks helpful, but my machine doesn't use systemd and I'm don't know how to "translate" this into something that works for me. I therefore created the following aliases in my ~/.zsh-aliases file:

### Workaround for sleeping issue
# PM: Device 0000:00:19.0 failed to suspend async: error -2
alias unload_etho='sudo rmmod e1000e'
alias load_etho='sudo modprobe e1000e'
alias sleep_dammit='unload_etho'

I know that it's quick and dirty, but I like that now all I have to remember is sleep_dammit the next time that this problem occurs :-)

Last Updated 2014-10-01 21:00.