cupsdAuthorize: pamauthenticate() returned 7 (Authentication failure)!

I was getting the error listed above when I was trying to add a printer via the CUPS web interface. Everything should have worked - my user was in the lpadmin group and my config file looked good. However, every time I clicked on the "Add Printer" button, the following would happen:

  1. I would get a login dialog
  2. I would enter my normal user id and password
  3. I would then see the error above in the cups error file

Nothing I found was helpful for weeks, so today I tried something that shouldn't have made a difference - I simply changed my password. After that, it was smooth sailing.

Seriously - that's it. Just changed my password. Please don't ask me why or how that affected anything. However I am glad that I can finally use my Raspberry Pi as a print server again.

I hope that a few other people who may be pulling their hair out can find this blog post.

Last Updated 2014-05-10 21:00.