Notes On Installing Ubuntu 9.04 And Easy Peasy 1.5

It's unlike me to upgrade my systems very often since it can take so much time, but I was moved recently to upgrade both my "server" (to Ubuntu 9.04) and my EEE PC 900 (to Easy Peasy 1.5). In general, I'm very impressed with how much better Linux-on-the-desktop gets every 6 months, and I look forward to at least another 8 years as a happy desktop Linux user. One of the great things about Ubuntu is that it really is just painless to set up some pretty sophisticated servers. For example, I use my Ubuntu server to record television shows using MythTv, which can be very difficult to install. However, using the Ubuntu packages, I was able to get my system up-and-running in less than 10 minutes. I do have one very small criticism of Ubuntu, and it's that they keep making it harder and harder to install ffmpeg from source. The "stock" version of ffmpeg that comes with Ubuntu can't do a lot of cool things like convert videos to the H264 format, so one of the first things that I usually do after installing Ubuntu is compile a more robust version of that application. Well, the process I used to compile it in 8.04 definitely did not work with 9.04 for some strange reason. Thank goodness that I found this tutorial, which made things very simple. One really great thing about the 1.5 version of Easy Peasy is that I can now use some Compiz effects with my EEE PC 900. Previous versions of Easy Peasy didn't even allow me to turn Compiz on. Hooray for tons tap-dancing sprites on my screen! Here are some of the resources that I used to set up my Ubuntu 9.04 and Easy Peasy 1.5 systems. Maybe someone else will find them to be useful: - Installing ffmpeg from source - NFS Server & Client HOWTO

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