Day 2 With MediaMVP and MVP Media Center

I noodled around with my MVP/MVPMC setup a little bit more, and discovered the following: 1. Live-TV with my MythTV backend actually works pretty well. I just needed to fix my timezone settings. 2. VLC transcoding, which allows me to view Xvid AVI's using MVP, is a pretty CPU-intensive process. The default video quality level (labled "DVD") used about 95% of the CPU cycles of my 1.6 Ghz Sempron 3100+. I ended up using the "SVCD" video quality level, which is still pretty good, and only uses about 65% of my CPU cycles.

That's it for now. Soon, I hope to have everything set up properly so I can share some of the details that might matter to someone considering the MVP, such as the following: - network topology - configuration - total costs

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