Cool GNU Screen Helper Functions

I'm a big fan of using GNU Screen, a terminal multiplexer. At any given time, I could be interacting with a dozen different Unix servers at work. I therefore group servers into logical, named groups and jump back and forth between them using screen. I find the following one-liner functions to be incredibly helpful to me when it comes to managing multiple screen sessions simultaneously. Hopefully someone else will also benefit from them. I currently run these one-liners using the Bash shell, and store them in my ~/.bashrc file. Each function should be runnable from a shell prompt. ## getscreenpids

function getscreenpids() { ps auxww | grep screen | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}'; } This function simply returns a list of process id's (pid's) for each screen process. This is nice info to have if you want to kill a screen session, since each session uses it's own screen process. ## clearscreen

function clearscreen() { for pid in $(getscreenpids); do kill -9 $pid; done; screen -wipe; } This function kills every screen session into which I am logged. This is nice if things get flaky and I just want to kill all of my screen processes quickly. ## killscreen

function killscreen() { screen -ls | grep $1 | awk '{print $1}' | cut -f1 -d. | xargs kill -9; screen -wipe; } This function kills every screen session that uses the title that you pass as the first parameter. So if you have one or more screen sessions titled "envA", and you pass that string to this function, all of those screen sessions will be killed.

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