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I've been using Java since 2000 for a variety of tasks, mostly related to software administration and maintenance. A common request from co-workers and some of my geekier friends is a list of recommended resources for Java training. I've built this list a couple of times, and I keep losing the old lists, so I thought that I would put it on my wiki so it would be a little more permanent. I hope that a few people find it helpful. ## Dead-Tree Book Resources

Online Book Resources

Web Sites

  • JavaRanch - I highly recommend this web site if you are a beginning Java programmer. I feel that the following sections are particularly good:
    • Forum
      • I received some great support from this forum on numerous occasions, but it was especially useful when I was studying for the SCJP test.
    • Campfire Stories - Tutorials and tips
    • Bunkhouse - The best place for unbiased reviews of Java books.
    • Cattle Drive - I am a former pupil in their Cattle Drive class, and found it to be a very good educational value for beginners.
  • Roedy Green's Java & Internet Glossary
    • His exception page is my favorite place to go when I'm stuck on a particular error and need a little guidance. Also, it includes a treasure trove of documentation and tutorials to help you with most basic tasks. It's an absolutely essential resource.

Note: Please note that I linked to Amazon for all of the books listed above, but I'm not getting a kickback for doing so. You should be able to find a lot of these books at your local library, and they should all be available from discount book sites such as Good luck and have fun!

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