Stupid Unix Tricks - Bash Math Captcha

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Let's say that you have a shell script that you run very frequently on pre-prod servers but very infrequently in your prod environment because it can cause outages or performance issues. Wouldn't it be nice if you had some sort of pre-execution hook that notified you that you ...

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Review Of "Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby"

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Book cover

In the IT world, "scripting" is usually looked down on by "real" programmers and people who aspire to be one. It is seen as a dumb task done by dumb people who don't know any better. If only they would learn to ...

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Jruby vs. Groovy For Administrative Scripting

Posted on Thu 13 November 2008 in Review • Tagged with administration, groovy, java, jruby, scriptingLeave a comment

Update (8/8/09):When I was originally comparing Jruby & Groovy, I was under the impression that Jruby was a beta-quality product, and its cryptic error messages seemed to prove this point.  After a bit more research, I learned that Jruby is a robust and high-quality Ruby implementation and that ...

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My First Non-Trivial Groovy App

Posted on Fri 15 February 2008 in Review • Tagged with administration, groovy, java, python, scripting, vimLeave a comment

I am about to finish my first non-trivial application written in Groovy (a medium-sized suite of administrative scripts), and so far I'm pretty happy with the language. I thought I would share some of my notes in case anyone else is considering the language for a similar application.

Development ...

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