LUG Meeting Notes - 4/22/16

Posted on Fri 22 April 2016 in Meeting Minutes • Tagged with linux, programming, python, networkingLeave a comment

I had a great time at the Fox Valley Linux User Group meeting this month. This month's topic was "talk about whatever" and I picked up a lot of great knowledge. Also, two new people attended the meeting and a couple of newbies came back.

I took some fractured ...

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Installing The Grinder On Ubuntu 10.10

Posted on Sun 13 February 2011 in Tutorial • Tagged with grinder, java, load-testing, performance, python, the-grinder-seriesLeave a comment

Update On 3/25: Later in this article, I state that I will soon be writing more tutorials about using the Grinder. Well, it turns out that I have too much other stuff going on that isn't related to load testing, so I will be writing about those topics ...

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My First Non-Trivial Groovy App

Posted on Fri 15 February 2008 in Review • Tagged with administration, groovy, java, python, scripting, vimLeave a comment

I am about to finish my first non-trivial application written in Groovy (a medium-sized suite of administrative scripts), and so far I'm pretty happy with the language. I thought I would share some of my notes in case anyone else is considering the language for a similar application.

Development ...

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