Lessons Learned Running The Android Emulator

Posted on Sun 05 June 2016 in Tutorial • Tagged with linux, debian, android, cordova, developmentLeave a comment

I am in the process of learning the basics of Cordova development using the Cordova In Action book. The installation of all of the necessary tools wasn't too bad, but starting an emulator for the first time was really a pain. Here's what I encountered and how I ...

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LUG Meeting Notes - 4/22/16

Posted on Fri 22 April 2016 in Meeting Minutes • Tagged with linux, programming, python, networkingLeave a comment

I had a great time at the Fox Valley Linux User Group meeting this month. This month's topic was "talk about whatever" and I picked up a lot of great knowledge. Also, two new people attended the meeting and a couple of newbies came back.

I took some fractured ...

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Stupid Unix Tricks - Running A Script On Multiple Servers Concurrently

Posted on Thu 06 August 2015 in Tutorial • Tagged with linux, unix, shellLeave a comment

One of the amazing things about Unix and Linux is that you can get a LOT of work done with the help of a few lines of shell scripting and some simple, well-defined tools. Today I would like to show you a technique that I use on a regular basis ...

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Fixing Linux Sleep Issues With The Lenovo X230

Posted on Wed 01 October 2014 in Tutorial • Tagged with linux, lenovo, x230Leave a comment

I had trouble finding help on this issue so I hope this will help other Linux users who use the Lenovo X230.

I'm running Debian 7.x and almost everything works really well with my X230. I say almost everything because occasionally the computer won't go to sleep ...

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GNU Screen Sugar

Posted on Tue 02 August 2011 in Software • Tagged with *Cough*Plug*Cough*, bash, linux, screen, unixLeave a comment

I don’t usually advertise my Github projects on this blog, but I thought that this one might actually be kinda useful to you if you like GNU Screen: - tompurl/Scrugar

Basically, it’s a couple of functions and aliases that I use to make it easier to use Screen ...

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