Using The Eisenhower Matrix In Emacs Org-Mode

Posted on Tue 29 December 2015 in Tutorial • Tagged with emacs, org-mode, productivityLeave a comment

I just finished reading the The Procrastination Matrix article on the Wait But Why blog and it really spoke to me. I'm a big fan of using Org-Mode in Emacs to organize all of my tasks, and I wondered if I could make both of these systems work together ...

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"From Vim To Emacs" Presentation

Posted on Tue 15 December 2015 in Presentation • Tagged with lisp, emacs, clojure, vimLeave a comment

Here's a presentation that I'm going to give at the December 2015 meeting of the Fox Valley LUG. It's a quick overview some things that Emacs does really well that's targeted at Vim users.

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Stupid Emacs Tricks - Editing Remote Files Using Sudo (And Even Tor)

Posted on Tue 06 October 2015 in Tutorial • Tagged with technology, tor, emacs, sshLeave a comment

I've recently learned how to edit files on a remote server using tramp and emacs and I really love how easy and powerful it is. Here are some of the tricks that I've learned that I'm now using every day.

Simple Remote File Editing

For example, let ...

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Viewing An Org Mode File In A Browser

Posted on Sat 30 May 2015 in Tutorial • Tagged with emacs, org-modeLeave a comment

While editing files in org-mode I frequently need to see what the HTML version of a single file will look like. The workflow below shows how I can do so very quickly and easily using my favorite browser.

First I need to publish the file that I’m currently editing ...

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