Lessons Learned Running The Android Emulator

Posted on Sun 05 June 2016 in Tutorial • Tagged with linux, debian, android, cordova, developmentLeave a comment

I am in the process of learning the basics of Cordova development using the Cordova In Action book. The installation of all of the necessary tools wasn't too bad, but starting an emulator for the first time was really a pain. Here's what I encountered and how I ...

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Exim + Gmail On Ubuntu

Posted on Sat 17 September 2011 in Tutorial • Tagged with debian, exim, gmail, mail, ubuntuLeave a comment

This tutorial shows you how to set up a light-weight mail server on your Ubuntu system that can send mail to host-only (e.g. tom) and remote (e.g. tom@tompurl.com) addresses using Gmail as your SMTP server.

So what the heck does that mean? We’re making it ...

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