GNU Screen Sugar

Posted on Tue 02 August 2011 in Software • Tagged with *Cough*Plug*Cough*, bash, linux, screen, unixLeave a comment

I don’t usually advertise my Github projects on this blog, but I thought that this one might actually be kinda useful to you if you like GNU Screen: - tompurl/Scrugar

Basically, it’s a couple of functions and aliases that I use to make it easier to use Screen ...

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New Blog Announcement - Shell Magic

Posted on Sat 05 June 2010 in Tutorial • Tagged with *Cough*Plug*Cough*, command-line, console, linux, shell, shell-magic, unixLeave a comment

I'm excited to say that I am working on a series of screencasts that target Unix command-line newbies. The series is called $hell Magic, and it's my first attempt at making screencasts. It was a lot of fun and surprisingly simple to create my first one. If you ...

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